Collaboration for Exceptional Results

Collaborating for Exceptional Results[wow_spacing size=”20px”]


Because we are limited to being in one place at a time, do not have the best idea every time nor the most knowledge about anything, we collaborate. For the sake of business and to achieve the best results for our clients, we collaborate with colleagues, vendors, clients and competitors. Successful collaboration creates a synergistic effect, that is the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Mary Margaret, owner of Mary Margaret Davis Real Estate Team has a knack for assembling a team that includes competitors to help create an exceptional experience for the client. Jennifer Cannon and Lara Jane Pugh of EXP Realty are two competitors on whom she relies for producing successful open house events. Their property presentation skills, knowledge of market conditions, and prospective buyer guidance through the purchasing process generates gratifying outcomes for all.[/wow_panel]

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[wow_spacing size=”5px”]Mary Margaret Davis[wow_spacing size=”5px”][wow_spacing size=”5px”]817-925-1740[wow_spacing size=”5px”][wow_spacing size=”5px”][email protected][wow_spacing size=”40px”]

[wow_spacing size=”5px”]LaraJane Pugh, EXP Realty[wow_spacing size=”5px”]”Mary Margaret is a pleasure to work with. She always has time to answer questions or help. Her generosity is legendary.”[wow_spacing size=”20px”]

[wow_spacing size=”5px”]Jennifer Cannon, EXP Realty[wow_spacing size=”5px”]”Mary Margaret is absolutely ‘The Best’ person you could possibly work with. Whether you are partnering with her on a real estate transaction, drawing hon her extensive years of business expertise or she is motivating you to show up bright and early at the gym–Mary Margaret is a joy to work with. She is very much loved and respected by her real estate peers, a large circle of friends, and an even larger circle of clients. She is a Fort Worth and Texas ‘STAR’ and I am beyond grateful every time I get the opportunity to work with her.”